Sizing Chart

For all sizing of lingerie and clothing please refer to your bra size and pants size.

Bra Sizes
A-DDD refers to cup sizes.

A30-B34 - Extra Small
B36-C34 - Small
C36-D36 - Medium
D-38-DD+ Large
DDD+ - 1x - 4X

Pants Sizes
You can determine your pants size by measuring your waist in inches
EX: A waist of 27 inches wears size 7 while a waist of 20 inches wears a size 0


Size 0-2 - Extra Small
Size 3-4 - Small
Size 5-7 - Medium
Size 8-10 - Large
Size 10-12 XL
Size 14–16 2XL
Size 18 3XL
Size 20 4XL

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